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  • "Cook & Co have given us excellent service over the period that we have worked together."
  • "The accounts are meticulous, promptly prepared and at a reasonable cost."
  • "Cook & Co has handled all matters with competence and reliability..."
  • "We had to change our accountants and have never regretted choosing Cook & Co."
  • "It took us a while to find them but now we have, we are going to keep them!"
  • "...always on hand to provide technical advice and respond very quickly to any requests."
  • "Of particular benefit has been the expert tax advice received over the years..."

Corporation Tax

Up until 31 March 2015 there were two rates of corporation tax and one effective marginal rate. From 1 April 2015 the main rate and the small profits rate have been unified and are set at 20%.

Corporation tax rates and bands are as follows:

Financial Year to 31 March 2016 31 March 2015
Taxable profits    
First £300,000 20% 20%
Next £1,200,000 20% 21.25%
Over £1,500,000 20% 21%