We can perform your auditing and financial analysis with a minimum of fuss and maximum efficiency and accuracy.

Audit Approach

Our audit will provide confidence in the accuracy of the financial statements and assurance as to the efficiency and effectiveness of your accounting procedures and internal controls. The keys to achieving this are sound planning and effective communication. We will involve you at the planning stage and then keep you fully informed about the progress of the audit. We will report to you both formally and informally.

Our approach to your audit will comprise:-

Pre-year end planning including discussions with you to:-

  • Ensure that we have all the relevant information
  • Organise the efficient running of the audit focussed on key areas
  • Identify potential areas of difficulty and likely solutions
  • Agree with you the work programme and reporting timetable
  • Prepare a detailed planning memorandum for our staff


All members of the audit team attend a formal internal briefing covering:-

  • Changes in your activities during the year, based on information available to us and discussions with your finance staff
  • Relevant changes in legislation and other regulatory requirements

Audit Evidence

Our audit methodology for the collection of audit evidence is based on guidance as laid out by International Auditing Standards and is continuously updated to reflect current auditing practice. The methodology adopts a standard balance sheet approach and uses systems review work.


A review will be carried out and we will ensure that the accounts comply with accounting and sector standards, legislation and regulations, and we will advise on any presentation issues. This will ensure that all issues and queries arising can be brought to your attention.

Clearance Meeting

A clearance meeting will be held to discuss the accounts and financial matters arising with you and to complete a debrief on the audit. This debrief will identify:-

  • Areas where a change in procedure by you or us would improve the efficiency of subsequent audits
  • Advice on systems and controls
  • General advice of benefit to you highlighting strategic issues and opportunities

Management Letter

Relevant matters arising from the audit will be set out in a management letter that we will discuss with you at the clearance meeting before it is issued.

This letter will represent our feedback on your systems and procedures.

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